Heath and Social Care Standards

Health and Social Care Standards

The Health and Social Care Standards replace the National Care Standards and were published by the Scottish Government following extensive consultation led by the Care Inspectorate and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
From April 2018 the Care Inspectorate will take the standards into account when regulating and inspecting care. It is also hoped, by the Care Inspectorate, that these standards will help everyone focus on what really matters – the experience of the person who uses care.

What are the Standards?

The term standards is a collective term which describes both the headline outcomes and principles which are listed below and the descriptive statements which you can read in by clicking (link to the full document) or on the Health and Social Care Standards link at the bottom of this page.

The headline outcomes are:

    1. I experience high quality care and support that is right for me.
    2. I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support.
    3. I have confidence in the people who support and care for me.
    4. I have confidence in the organisation providing by care and support
    5. I experience a high quality environment if the organisation provides the premises.

Health and Social Care Principles

The principles of the standards are to ensure you are treated with respect and dignity, compassion, be included responsive care and support and wellbeing. The principles are not standards or outcomes but are to reflect the way that you should expect to be treated.

Dignity and Respect

  • My human rights are respected and promoted.
  • I am respected and treated with dignity as an individual.
  • I am treated fairly and do not experience discrimination.
  • My privacy is respected.


  • I experience warm, compassionate and nurturing care and support.
  • My care is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to my needs and my wishes.

Be included

  • I receive the right information, at the right time and in a way I can understand.
  • I am supported to make informed choices, so that I can control my care and support.
  • I am included in wider decisions about the way the service is provided, and my suggestions,
    feedback and concerns are considered.
  • I am supported to participate fully and actively in my community.

Responsive care and support

  • My health and social care needs are assessed and reviewed to ensure I receive the right support
    and care at the right time.
  • My care and support adapts when my needs, choices and decisions change.
  • I experience consistency in who provides my care and support and how it is provided.
  • If I make a complaint it is acted on.


  • I am asked about my lifestyle preferences and aspirations and I am supported to achieve these.
  • I am encouraged and helped to achieve my full potential.
  • I am supported to make informed choices, even if it means I might be taking personal risks.
  • I feel safe and I am protected from neglects, abuse or avoidable harm.