Partners in Advocacy

Abercorn Care Limited recognises that there will be times when the use of an Advocacy Service would benefit Residents or their Families and therefore to facilitate this we have included the link below to ‘Partners in Advocacy’ in the hope that you will find it helpful.

The Partners in Advocacy Service, which provides Advocacy Service for Older People, is funded by Health and Social Care to provide free, independent advocacy (on a one-to-one basis) to older people in, or moving into long term care. They provide advocacy to older people in residential care homes or in hospital delayed discharge situations throughout Edinburgh. Although the service is funded through the statutory sector, they are completely independent.

The Scottish Executive is very keen to see advocacy made available and every Local Authority Health Board in Scotland has been requested to develop, fund and implement an advocacy action plan and local advocacy services.   Abercorn Care Limited supports this initiative and would encourage individuals to follow the link to access more detailed information regarding advocacy.