Fees and Funding


Planning for care costs and what you are entitled to can be an overwhelming task. The City of Edinburgh Cost of Care link below will give you all the information you need to work out what funding is available.

Depending on which of Abercorn Care Limited’s homes and room you choose, the weekly cost will vary according to the room’s size, en-suite facilities and those with access to the garden and range between £1,200 and £1,800 per week. Fees are required to be paid monthly in advance by standing order and are reviewed annually. Residents are given a minimum of one month’s notice in regards to any change in the level of their room fees.

Residents over 65 years may qualify for the Scottish Government’s ‘Free Personal & Nursing Care’ funding which is reviewed annually and subject to change. As an example, and to explain this in more detail, the 2022-23 rate is currently paid at £212.85 per week for ‘Personal Care’ and £95.80 per week for ‘Nursing Care’. An assessment of needs must be carried out by the Social Work Department to establish if an Applicant/Resident is eligible for either of these funding or both.

These payments are made direct to Abercorn Care Limited in arrears and then deducted from the total room fee. When the Local Authority’s payment process has been put in place the Resident is liable for the balance.

 Local Authority Funding

If your capital and assets are below £29,750 the Local Authority may fund your care. They will pay a portion of the care and the balance which you pay will be worked out depending on what you can afford. The figures are worked out by the Local Authorities’ Finance Department. Again, all the information regarding funding is in the link above.

Before taking up residency a written agreement must be signed stating the terms and conditions. Please find attached a sample copy of Abercorn Care Limited’s contract: