Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To co-operate with you and your relatives to make the transition from your home to our care home as smooth as possible.
  • To assist you to obtain your maximum potential as an individual, with the rights of an autonomous person within the limits of your abilities.
  • To be sensitive and empathetic to the needs of you and your family, involving them, if required, in your planned care.
  • To create an atmosphere of friendship and trust, in which each individual is valued and respected throughout their stay with us.
  • That you have a say in the personalised service you receive.
  • That you and your relatives have a right to expect excellence in the quality of provision from staff who are effectively educated, trained and supported.

To achieve these aims, the manager and staff will undertake the following:

  • To give you and your family information about the facilities provided and afford you the opportunity to see the premises and meet members of staff before admission.
  • To provide a personalised care plan for each individual, involving the family, if appropriate, and updating the plan as your needs change.
  • To update our knowledge and build on skills to improve the care given to you.
  • To be approachable and friendly. The Manager will be available to speak with residents and families so ensuring a friendly, open environment.
  • To organise Focus Groups to ensure resident, family and carers are able to have full participation to ensure agreed outcomes.
  • To provide the opportunity to complete the ‘My Life Story Book and Future Aspirations’ document which will be used by the Home to shape your planned care.
  • To integrate the Home into the local community, encouraging social ties with local groups.